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Just the very best motorcycle tire installers and bike repair shop you will find anywhere near you.  Try us and see for yourself!

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5 stars

"I have known Randy for more than ten years. Three of those years he was my direct report at Scorpion Sports, Inc. where I was the President and COO. Randy managed a sales territory and was the leader of dealer development.
Randy is man of integrity and I am proud to give Randy Hyden my highest personal recommendation.” 

Frank Esposito
Former President Scorpion Sports Inc, Motorcycle Industry Precisionist

5 stars

“I had the pleasure of working with Randy Hyden for two years, and still remain his friend. He is a man of fortitude and upstanding character. Randy is passionate about helping people and has the experience and skills to make a difference. Many people simply go through the motions, but Randy makes a difference.”

Edward Wilkinson
Product Manager, Helmet House

5 stars

“I’ve known Randy for years now. He’s a man I can fully trust who brings a balance of practical and spiritual principles together for the people with whom he works. He really cares, always looking for creative ways to help people. And he’s a good friend.”

Dave Brisbin
Lead Pastor, The Effect Faith Community

5 stars

“In my time working with Randy I came to understand that he is a man of his word: you can always count on him in a time of need. He showed this time and time again through his work and team, Randy was always “present” and ready to contribute with intention and a humble attitude. I am honored to have worked with him and to call him a friend, he would make a great addition to any team or project.” 

Jason Wykenkamp
Passionate Brand Leade

5 stars

“I had ordered some high end racing gloves from Randy recently. The entire experience was painless, quick and his response time and professionalism was top notch. Randy made sure everything was on the up and up. Can’t recommend him more highly.”

Paul Wilamoski
Myriad Pictures

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